Conditions & Price

Hello there!

My name is Angélique Khaliman and I really want you to be a part of my art and remember our work together with warmth and a smile for a long time. That is why it is customary for me to agree in advance on working conditions. Please, if there are any points that remain unclear, be sure to tell me about it.



  How I work


1. I shoot according to an approved concept

*It is very important for me to be prepared, and to understand exactly what you want and what you expect from the result. If our views on creativity coincide, everything will be wonderful, anyway we must discuss all your ideas to the smallest details in advance. 

Please notify me of the degree of nudity, participation/presence of third parties/purpose of photos.

Otherwise, I have the right to interrupt the shooting without giving a reason, if situations contradict my moral principles at the moment of creation.


2. If you are a brand, I will send you all RAWs within 3 days. 

There are no RAWs available for private shootings (if you choose me, you also choose my style).


3.  For brands: You choose photos for retouching and send me their numbers.

You have 6 month from the moment you receive the source files to select images - I do not keep RAWs longer than that.


4. Editing takes ca. 10-15 days depending on my workload.


5. I send you pictures in 2 different formats:

  • full-size (for printing)
  •  small (for Internet resources)

I work from 2 hours and send 15+ pictures with author's editing.


Studio, locations, style, make up and hair are extra costs, wich you pay yourself after concept approval.